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Nara Annual Conference 2022

Haberdashers Hall
18 May 2022


Real estate in a world of shifting politics and culture

After a tumultuous two years, things are certainly not settling down. With the war in Ukraine now adding to the impact of Covid and Brexit, we’re seeing significant change in the economy, the property sector and even the way we do business.

Our Spring Conference – finally back in its May slot at Haberdashers’ Hall in London – will bring together four experts to give their take on the shifts we’re seeing and how they’ll impact on the economy and property.
Hosted by property author and former EG editor, Peter Bill, the format includes a Q&A with the audience as well as in-depth presentations from our expert speakers.

Our annual conference is not only an opportunity for two hours of engaging CPD, but one of the best chances to meet and chat with fellow industry professionals before and after the talks.


3.30pm-4pm: Networking over tea coffee juice and refreshments served
4pm-6pm: Property commentator Peter Bill will host our four speakers and facilitate questions from the floor.
6pm-7pm: Drinks and canapé reception in orangery and courtyard at Haberdashers’ Hall


Vicky Pryce - Keynote
What is the true impact of politics on our economy, from the war in Ukraine to Brexit? Will sanctions against the Russia oligarchs make any difference? What’s the long term impact of rising oil and gas prices? Acclaimed economist and author, Vicky Pryce will answer these questions and more, sharing her authoritative views on live topics affecting business and property in the UK, Eurozone and globally. Currently chief economic advisor at the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), Vicky has decades of private and public sector experience to draw on. She previously held chief economist roles at the Royal Bank of Scotland, KPMG and energy firm Exxon, before taking influential public sector roles including Economic Director General at the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and head of the Government’s Economic Service. She has also authored six books, including It’s the Economy, Stupid - Economics for Voters to explain economics in a political context.

Frances Haque
What is the true state of our economy and property market at this turbulent time? What are the forecasts for the years ahead both for the UK and globally? Frances has been chief economist at Santander bank for five years. She will present us with all the relevant facts and figures in order to provide in-depth answers to these questions. Before joining Santander, Frances held senior economist positions at EY, BT and the BBC.

Mark Garmon-Jones
In the US, many out-of-town malls have become redundant and empty. Will the UK experience something similar?  What is the future for the large regional shopping centres and will they survive at the expense of out of town retail or local scheme?
Mark is head of UK retail and shopping centre investment at real estate service provider, Savills, and its national head of Repurposing. With 27 years’ experience in property, he will talk on this highly relevant topic, including what might happen to the hundreds of provincial out-of-town retail sites, often with only one strong anchor. Will they remain a safe haven for capital investment or become a victim of increasing localism?

David Tonks
How should office properties now be repurposed? International partner at global real estate services firm, Cushman & Wakefield, and leader of its national Repurposing Team, David brings a wealth of experience in the redevelopment and repurposing of real estate. He will talk through current and future trends in office spaces, specifically referencing the impact of working from home and the need for flexibility in a digital and post-pandemic age. David will also tackle sustainability and the future of redundant space, challenging traditional arguments around economic and physical obsolescence and showing how the classic residential repurposing model may no longer work. 

Why Attend?

Nara members will be pleased to hear the Annual Conference counts two hours towards their annual CPD.




Russell Miller

Chair Nara


Session 1

Frances Haque, Chief Economist


Session 2

Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Advisor


Session 3

Mark Garmon-Jones, Head of UK retail and shopping centre investment


Session 4

David Tonks, International Partner


 Mark Garmon-Jones

Mark Garmon-Jones

Head of UK retail and shopping centre investment

 Frances Haque

Frances Haque

Chief Economist

 Vicky Pryce

Vicky Pryce

Chief Economic Advisor

 David Tonks

David Tonks

International Partner




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Howden Group

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The MEN-SEC Group

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