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Lender Applicants must:
  • be in the position of an appointor for receivership instructions
  • provide a letter from their manager or senior person within the organisation confirming their role as an appointer of  receivers
  • ensure that any appointments they make are to an appropriately qualified person (preferably, but not necessarily a Nara member).  Full details of all Registered Property Receivers can be found on the “Find a Practitioner” page of the Nara web site

Affiliates have the following benefits
- to receive the Association’s literature and have access to the Professional Statements on the Nara website
- FREE invitation to the Nara annual conference
- to attend Nara training events at the reduced members’ rate
- to attend Nara events at the reduced members’ rate

Non Lender applicants should contact the Nara office for further information.

Fee: Lenders FREE
Other Affiliate: 2024 Annual subscription: £150.00 (inc VAT at 20%) (this fee only applies for non lender affiliates)

- All applications for membership of Nara are reviewed by the Nara Membership Applications sub-Committee prior to approval by Nara Council. Council reserves the right to refuse any application without disclosure of reasons. 
- Affiliates do not have voting rights and cannot use an abbreviation to indicate a personal connection with the association.
You will be joining in June therefore your calculated pro rata fee will be £112.50 (inc VAT at 20%)
** This registration process will take you 10 minutes to complete. **
It is not possible to save during your application process, so before you start before starting this application you will need to hand a PDF copy  of a letter confirming your role as an appointer.