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What you can expect

All Fellows of Nara are members of the Registered Property Receivership Scheme; they are regulated and monitored. You can therefore expect your matter to be dealt with in accordance with the applicable Law as well as in accordance with the Codes and Professional Statements that are set out in the pages in this section of our website (especially "What you need to know") and which are repeated in our publications sections.

Nara Fellows and Associates are highly trained and perceived as experts in their chosen field. You can expect your Receiver to act independently and knowledgably, free from any detailed direction of the Lender. Should you become aware of any Conflict of Interest, you should inform the Receiver immediately.

It is the Receiver's objective to discharge the debt and in doing so their primary duty, as set out in Law, is to the Lender. They will discharge that duty taking into account all relevant and material facts - including risk and market conditions. To achieve that end and thereby maximise exit value, it is in your own interest to provide the Receiver with as much information as possible.

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