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Become a member of Nara


Nara has four categories of membership

Please refer to the summary of categories below and to the eligibility criteria to ascertain the category that best suits your background and requirements.

Registered Property Receiver (RPR)

Fellowship is open to all those who hold an RPR practicing certificate, or if temporarily not taking appointments, then having been Registered Property Receivers they remain fully eligible for re-admission to RPR membership in accordance with the current RPR Scheme rules. Fellows are usually, but not necessarily, appointment takers.

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Associate membership is for professionals, typically Solicitors, who work in the field of property receivership but who usually do not take receivership appointments directly. Appointment takers are encouraged to take the RPR examinations and become qualified Fellows, though Associate membership is also open to appointment takers if they wish.

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Affiliate membership of Nara is principally for appointors of property receivers,and who will usually be employed by banks and other lenders.

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Trainee membership is for students who are taking, or proposing to take, the RPR examinations and ultimately to become Nara Fellows.

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