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Use of Nara Logo

Our Regulations have, since inception, made provision for the use of the NARA logo by Fellows of the Association. Nevertheless, questions are frequently put to the admin team as to when and how the logo may be used. Council have therefore reviewed the position and made certain amendments to provide a clearer understanding. 

The current rules are therefore set out here in full:
For so long as he remains such a Member, every Fellow may upon payment of the requisite annual fee approved from time to time by the Council use the designatory letters “FNARA” and the Association's logo in accordance with the restrictions set out in these Regulations, if any.  For the avoidance of doubt, no other Member shall be so entitled.
Use of the Association’s logo shall be permitted only in any of the following circumstances:
  1. on the personal business card of a Fellow of the Association;
  2. on the letter heading of a practice where 50% or more of the partners or directors of that practice are Fellows of the Association;
  3. on any advertising material relating specifically to the work of Fixed Charged Receivership and published by a practice in which at least one partner or director (or equivalent) is a Fellow of the Association.