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Applicants must:
  • be a member of a Recognised Professional Body. Recognised professional bodies acceptable to Nara include RICS, IPA, ACCA, ICAEW, CAI, ICAS, Bar Council and the Law Society. Members of other professional bodies should contact the Nara office for advice as to their eligibility have appropriate experience as follows:
  • Appointment takers – must be a full member (meaning not a trainee or student member) of a Recognised Professional Body and should been appointed to at least three cases within the three years preceding their application.  Appointments must cover 3 different properties and at least two separate borrowers
  • Non-appointment takers – should be qualified solicitors admitted to practice in the UK, qualified accountants or licensed insolvency practitioners.  In all cases a member of a Recognised Professional Body.  Applicants are required to provide evidence and/or enclose a confirmatory reference from a senior Manager / Partner that a minimum of 75 hours within the previous 3 years has been expended on  LPA receivership work
  • to be able to have their application supported by a Proposer and a Seconder one of whom should be existing Fellows of Nara and the other either a Fellow or an Associate.  Applicants unable to find a suitable proposer and seconder should contact the Nara office for further advice
  • provide a brief CV outlining experience in LPA receivership work
Associates have the following benefits
- Listing of you and your organisation in the annual Nara Membership Directory and in the ‘Find a Practitioner’ area of the Nara website
- to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Association
- to receive the Association’s literature
- have access to Guidance Notes and Professional Statement on the Members Only pages of the Nara website
- to be elected to Council
- to attend Nara events at the member’s rate

Fee: 2024 Annual subscription £390.00 (inc VAT at 20%) + a one-off joining fee of £275.00 (inc VAT at 20%)

Note: All applications for membership of Nara are reviewed by the Nara Membership Applications sub-Committee prior to approval by Nara Council. Council reserves the right to refuse any application without disclosure of reasons. 
You will be joining in June therefore your calculated pro rata fee will be £292.50 (inc VAT at 20%) + a one off joining fee of £275.00 (inc VAT at 20%)
** This registration process will take you 10 minutes to complete. **
It is not possible to save during your application process,so before you start you will need to hand PDF copies of your current RPB certificate, current CV, confirmation required hours worked on LPA cases.

- In addition for Appointment takers – copy of at least 3 different appointments within 3 years (3 different properties and 2 separate borrowers), Letter confirming role as an appointer and signatures of your proposer and seconder to upload.