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Applicants must
  • be a full or student member of a Recognised Professional Body. Recognised professional bodies acceptable to Nara include RICS, IPA, ACCA, ICAEW, CAI, ICAS, Bar Council and the Law Society. Members of other professional bodies should contact the Nara office for advice as to their eligibility
  • be working within an organisation that has qualified and/or experienced  receivers.  Applications when this presents difficulties should contact the Nara office advice.
  • provide evidence that, where relevant, they are following their firm’s structured in-house training programme
  • have the application form countersigned by a Proposer and a Seconder, both of whom are existing Fellows of Nara, and of which one should be acting and signing the application form as the applicant’s training supervisor. Applicants unable to find a suitable proposer, seconder and/or supervisor should contact the Nara office for further advice
Please note:  There will usually be a time limit of 3 years for trainee membership, after which trainees would be expected to have qualified as an RPR, or change their membership type to Associate subject to the usual criteria. Trainees do not have voting rights.

Trainees have the following benefits
- to receive the Association’s literature and have access to the Professional Statements, Code of Practice, Guidance Notes and all Assoication literature on the Nara website
- to attend Nara events at the reduced member’s rate 

Fee: 2024 Annual subscription £198.00 (inc VAT at 20%) + one-off joining fee of £125.00 (inc VAT at 20%)

Note: All applications for membership of Nara are reviewed by the Nara Membership Applications sub-Committee prior to approval by Nara Council. Council reserves the right to refuse any application without disclosure of reasons. 
You will be joining in June therefore your calculated pro rata fee will be £148.50 (inc VAT at 20%) + a one off joining fee of £125.00 (inc VAT at 20%)
** This registration process will take you 10 minutes to complete. **
It is not possible to save during your application process, so before you start you will need to hand PDF copies of your current RPB certificate, and signatures of your proposer, seconder and supervisor to upload (at least one of which must be an FNARA and the other an Associate or Fellow)