Nara publications

Nara produces a range of publications for the benefit of those wishing to know more about property receivership and the role of Nara itself. These are available to download free of charge from this web site.

The Nara Guide to Property Receivership is aimed at lenders, borrowers and professionals who may be new to the receivership process and who wish to know more about it. The booklet is written in non-technical language and includes case studies which illustrate how receivership is undertaken in practice in a variety of situations.  Download the Guide to Property Receivership

Nara also produces four shorter brochures. One, ‘A Professional Approach’, summarises the basic facts about receivership and explains the role of Nara and its members. ‘The Appointment of a Receiver’ explains why a receiver may be appointed and the actions they may take. Nara members are encouraged to provide a copy of this brochure to borrowers at the time of a receivership appointment to help the borrower understand its position in relation to that of the receiver and recently we have produced FCR v Administration and the Build Out Guide all available to download from the website.


Nara’s Annual 2020-21 can be downloaded HERE