The Benefits of appointing a Nara member

A Fellow of Nara will be able to:-

  • advise a lender on policy and the most effective handling of a case prior to appointment and may avoid the need for a formal receivership appointment
  • resolve a difficult case while seeking to maintain a positive relationship with the lender’s customer
  • protect the brand name of the lender
  • minimise tensions between the lender and borrower
  • manage, secure, insure and, if necessary, run the property
  • achieve a financial settlement that satisfies the lender’s requirements and
  • achieve all of this with the minimum of bureaucracy and fuss

Nara members are also able to assess a property at the time of the lender’s valuation, prior to the loan being made, to identify issues and opportunities which may arise in the future and forecast what they would have to do if called on to sell the property either as an LPA receiver or acting for the Administrator.

Appointors have the assurance of knowing Nara Fellows are specialists who are  trained and regulated.

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“Whatever the future holds, membership of Nara is increasingly becoming essential as a criterion by which appointments are made”

“There is much that the Nara member can do prior to an appointment”