The RPR exam

The RPR (Registered Property Receiver) Exam is held annually and comprises

  • a written multi-choice and essay question paper
  • about two or three months later a 45 minute peer interview. The peer interview involves a presentation by the applicant on an actual LPA fixed charge case on which the applicant has worked. Questions will be asked on the efficacy of the actions taken on the case and the basis on which decisions were made.
  • successful candidates should then apply for Fellowship of Nara if they are not already members.

RPRS – Info for Exam Candidates 2020 includes application form


The RPR Exam is set annually by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.  For more details about the examination being held in 2019 please contact:

Nikki Haggis at the IPA on 0207 623 5108 or email